Patent Apps Are Expensive! Please Help Us Succeed!
Save trees & environment!

'Patent pending' but need additional funds to complete the patent process.
We have a great idea that solves MANY different problems and it's great for the environment! Potentially saves millions of gallons of gas, millions of trees, millions of gallons of ink, associated ink cartridges and employee maintenance man hours! We need your help getting it off the ground and through the patenting process which is very expensive! Please hurry, patenting is a long process. Thank you for looking!
Our invention is a green digital bulletin board that host establishments will be happy to accommodate and advertisers will be excited to utilize all while helping to save our environment from unneeded waste by combining many different existing technologies and eliminating the need for paper, ink and gasoline to get local advertising flyers posted in communities across the nation.

We need your help to get it going. We have already filed a provisional patent so we are 'patent pending'. However filing the final patent is very expensive and we are just a very small everyday family business. In return for your help getting this innovative idea off the ground, you and your children will get a cleaner environment and really cool, cost effective digital local community bulletin boards all around your town that will also be accessible online. Tack and paper bulletin boards are disappearing by the hundreds from local retail establishments even though they are a very effective and inexpensive way for everyday people and community non-profits to sell items or advertise events. With our invention, local advertisers will even save printing, driving and labor costs while also reaching a much larger audience helping everyone in your community to communicate personally and locally!

Our story:
    We, as the proprietors of Hagedorn Auction Services (link below for more info on us), drive extensive distances for each public auction that we conduct for the purpose of distributing/displaying our ‘auction flyer’ notices on community bulletin boards.In addition to the hundreds of manhours and thousands of gallons of gasoline that this process consumes, we also spend thousands of dollars printing physical paper advertising flyers for this distribution.Lately we have found the number of publicly available bulletin boards in key highly trafficked retail locations to be dwindling as corporate and private owners are discontinuing this service due mainly to:1) cost of prime retail display areas being better utilized selling their own items and, 2) the cost of labor it takes to maintain, update and monitor traditional messy ‘Paper and Tack’ bulletin board displays which provide no revenue to the ‘Hosting Establishment’.
    Our invention:1) eliminates hundreds of miles driven miles and thousands of gallons of fuel burned by businesses such as ours as well as individuals wishing to post items on multiple local or remote bulletin board locations, 2) eliminates the cost and environmental waste of millions of paper flyers, gallons of ink and associated plastic ink cartridges, 3) eliminates the labor needed by ‘Hosting Establishments’ to maintain neat and up-to-date boards, 4) provides profit sharing of revenue from posted flyers and notices to ‘Hosting Establishments’ increasing their incentive to provide this community service and, 5) provides a community service by increasing the number of community bulletin boards which are currently decreasing.